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Some Fun and Simple Ways to Enjoy Summer Without Spending So Much

As summer comes near, we are expecting again for more expenses to come in. This is because we usually experience during summer expenses that sometimes we do not expect or even budgeted. Imagine our kids are not in school anymore, and so we have to fill them with activities to fill their day, plus we have to prepare our homes to be more comfortable, and chores are more than ever, and these all will equate to money.

But for all you know, you can consider summer as a season to practice saving some costs and become thrifty. And so, we are giving you the following ideas that can save you money during summer and still enjoy the season.

Kids enjoy a lot going to amusement parks but this will make you spend a lot of money with the admission tickets you will have to pay. We suggest therefore that you go to your local community park, and get free fun by having a picnic there, play some baseball catch or soccer, and at the same time you do not have to pay for any ticket at all.

You can be cool during summer without spending so much on your electricity, and this you can do by changing the filter of your air con and getting a programmable thermostat.

Also, to avoid wastage of your electricity and of course your money, it is good to check for leaks in your home and fill up those gaps in your doors and windows by weather stripping.

So we know that if kids are just in the house playing and making themselves dirty, you will be doing a lot of washing. And so, it would be wise to save energy by buying a washer and dryer that is economical and energy efficient.

Going on a vacation or visiting places we always to go sounds great but you will spend a big amount of money with the whole family at your side. So we suggest a family local camping, this way you will keep your costs to a minimum, you get to explore your local environment, have fun setting up those tents with the kids, and make plenty of memories of the whole activity.

We all love to eat out and we cannot imagine living without going out sometimes. The suggestion here is to limit the frequency of your eating out and try cooking at home to save you plenty of money. You can make it fun by having a themed dinner at least once a week, like Italian night, or Mexican night, or Chinese night and so on, and also do some cooking at your lawn.

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