Individuals tend to ask this question often to know if the shaft they are interested in can work in tangent with a putter. Expand to see more MidPoint Flex When it comes to different aspects of a golf shaft, the midpoint area is one of the most important to ensure maximum flexibility and impact when an individual hits the ball. Great choice for any golfer seeking more club speed and more distance. We are eager to share the criteria that have summarized and helped us develop this top ten list. The most successful Shaft in Long Drive History.

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When it comes the weight of the shaft, it can heavily impact the performance of an individual. Expand to see more Lightweight Design As one of the most lightweight shafts on this list, we can see why this shaft is one of the best-designed shafts in the industry thanks to the graphite material design that weighs only 58 grams.

Cost And Value As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular shaft, we can say that it is considered one of the best because of the design and material. The feel is great, the distance is great, and the chrome finish is spectacular.

The Gain When it comes to this quality shaft, individuals can expect to gain twenty to thirty yards in the distance when they swing. With that said, the head can fit a variety of clubs, which gives users better variety.

This process uses a computer controlled, multi head winder. When it safts to quality shafts that are designed with expert craftsmanship, we were extremely surprised to find this car brand as one of the best. Quality brand that individuals trust. With that in mind, we wanted to share this criterion because we wanted individuals to become aware of the different offers that brands have, which brings us to one of the last criteria that we based this top ten list off of.


We can say that for the set, it is well worth the price, which can normally cost a lot more. Well, this brand offers a set of eight, so individuals can use it with irons and wedges. As we started, we took into consideration the fact that a golf shaft is the connection point between the end of golt club and the grip. Available in R, S, flexes.

Details The new creation shaft by AccuFLEX features a unique long “butt” parallel section that tapers quickly in the bottom portion of the shaft.

With this in mind, we discovered that many brands will offer uncut shafts that individuals can cut to their exact measurement depending on their height and how long they want the shaft to be.

Accuflex Golf shafts | MacLeonard Golf UK

The Epic does feel more boardy and has a stiffer feel. Even though it takes some time, finding the right cross of a material and flexibility which is best for you will lead to lower scores on the golf course, which is what your goal should be each time you step out on the golf course.

We offer a Standard Custom assembly or Advanced assembly, Standard will suit most players but if you want to ensure that your club is as good as it accufpex be then Advanced is for you.

aaccuflex Therefore, this is one of the main criteria that we took into consideration to ensure that individuals would find their ideal style. Category 3 Manufacturer-supported claim.

Clone Golf Clubs – Custom Built Golf Clubs, Components & Parts| Pro Series Golf

With that said, cost and value play a vital role in all of our reviews because we want to ensure the best quality products for the price. Best Shaft I’ve Used. Write Your Own Review You’re reviewing: As the next quality shafts on this list, we are eager to share this set of eight shafts that vary in length for maximum support, comfort, and variety.


Now that you have taken into consideration all of these golf shafts, have you found the right one for you? Expand to see more Plenty of Options From this brand, individuals can expect quality options. Cost And Value As we take cost and value into consideration for this particular shaft, we can say that it is one of the best-designed shafts in the industry due to the shaft material.

This particular club can only be used with wedge golf clubs.

Accuflex Evolution

However, for the cost individuals are also getting a product from one of the best brands in the industry today. With that in mind, the weight heavily affects the swing and individuals should be aware of the different weight measurements accflex different clubs. The EP shaft is offered in a 60 gram weight range with the flexes targeted for the slowest of swingers to above average swing speeds. The Evolution is unique in design and hsafts and truly is the best of both worlds. The high bend point means that an individual does have less control.

The head stays put through impact.