Picked up the g30 about a month ago. I did have a g30 tip put on a diamana whiteboard 60g x shaft. I got the Tec last summer. Several functions may not work. In the last month I have traveled and played various tracks that have multiple tee boxes on the same teeing area with a scant 5 yard spacing and others with truly well thought out distances between the blacks and yellows. Ping G20 standard length Fairway Wood:

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We also saw slightly better dispersion and yards offline numbers with the new model. Jerry 4 years ago.

Ping G30 Adjustment Problem – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Ping G Max Better to go in knowing what gain if any you might expect rather than encouraging false preception.

Adjudting 4 years ago. Hell Yes, it did. The idea is to offer a club that offers significant slice correction without any attaching any stigma to the club. Most courses are more fun to play from the back adjuzting where golf course architects factor in doglegs, traps and water and Sunday pin positions. A fifty year old guy slinging multiple yard bombs and winning with a G30 in its first week after release.

Ping G Max I like the set-up open. Effectively what the Turbulators do is reduce the wake produced by the clubhead, which actually reduces the drag coefficient.


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Moving to the forward tees is not a great plng as most courses are designed to play from the back tees and us old guys wind up hitting into narrow fairways or bunkers designed to catch the big boys. I just traded my g25 off the rack driver for off the rack g A second issue is one most people overlook and that is the pain in the ass to have potentially 4 guys each hitting from a different tee.

I like g30 irons gray and blue look too but it sounds like those are much different either. Hmmm, more fluid dynamic modeling.

Check the USGA conforming clubs list. Please log in to reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For those of us who never buy off the rack and get fitted for each new club, the G30 is just another club to test against the rest for personal performance. MS 4 years ago. I emailed Ping and they responded to loosen the screw and tap the grip end of the club on the floor to loosen it up. In addition to his editorial responsibilities, he was instrumental in developing MyGolfSpy’s data-driven testing methodologies and continues to sift through our data to find the insights that can help improve your game.


Most courses however are not. I just recently heard of this new driver from Ping last week on golfspy and just heard on tv that Bubba has been using this driver for over 2 months.

It has lower torque than the stock shaft and has a stiffer tip to promote a lower trajectory. Ping G20 standard length Fairway Wood: As some of you may already know, a heavier head has greater inertia and creates a more efficient transfer of energy than a lighter one.

PING’s G30 Drivers – All the Details

Want MyGolfSpy’s email g3 A yd or 2 is really all you ever get if you are going from a properly fit equipment to properly fit equipment.

The settings are right on the adapter. I need to turn down the loft. I am now a G30 guy…. As the name suggests, PING was able to shift the balance point of the G30 stock pinv higher, toward the grip effectively counterbalancing the shaft.