In defence for Albatron we have the extra USB bracket with four connectors, but overall these boards are very similar on this section. This way you can play around with the settings and directly see how the system will be affected by the FSB increasment. Before we move on with the performance tests, lets check whether any of the boards use a higher FSB to get a performance advantage. The lack of retailers are probably due to Albatron being so new on the market hardly a year old and they probably have a smaller production unit than Abit. If you have a big one, like Geforce FX or Ti, it may cause some problems or at least make it very tricky to replace the memorysticks.

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Abit have found the way back to their roots and BH7 practically offers all an overclocker needs.

The latest version is 7. Spacious is one of the words that comes to mind, another word is entusiasm. To change the memory despite an already installed graphic board is consequently possible even if you do not have aljoth small hands. The accessories are as expected very few on such a cheap board.

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TechBubbel Podcast — You can also set at which processor temperature the board is supposed to shut the computer down, which could occur if the fan would break. This solution using 4 ports on the bracket and thereby saving space, is superior to using 2 ports on 2 brackets like some manufacturers keep on doing.

We really hope that this kind of overclocking possibilities will be found on Albatrons Springdale based Mainboards. File compression mainly depends on the memory bandwidth and because every motherboard is build around the same chipset, the memory management is quite the same. You can find a picture of these and the four 4 USB connections on the next page. Sure, it has USB2. The CPU voltage is adjustable between 1.


We were hoping to prove this in our FSB tests, but a ps power of some kind threw a spanner into the works. The differences are as expected very small. The cooperation with Rambus has been going on for a while but economically it was a miscalculation by Intel.

The IDE connectors are located far out towards the edge of the board, which make it easy to organize these cables. The Albatron board makes a turnover and takes the first place by a minimal margin. We would have liked to see two ATA cables here, but also an extra bracket for additional USB ports, as there only are two on the backpanel of the card. The overclocking with Albatron is very good, awesome actually.

i845PE Roundup

The number of integrated features was apparently limited, but luckily there are at least five PCI slots, allowing the user to build a system after his own wishes.

Abit have promised us a new board and we will shortly be back with an updated review. The reason is among other things that Abit wanted the board to be a alikth cost efficient overclocker board, which would not have been possible with a greater number of integrated components aboard. To the right of the Firewire connections we find the connections for extra USB ports. On the picture below you see the overclocking section.

If you look closer at the BH7 you will soon notice that Abit had one major goal with this board, the overclocking part. Apart from le the layout around the socket is very good. Considering the fact that all mainboards in this roundup have at least 6 channel sound integrated and that the soundcard does nothing but take up a PCI slot, this “bonus” rather feels like a disadvantage for the Albatron board. The integrated features have their own section for tweaking, called Peripherals. These are the topmost results for all boards and we aliotj ranked them according to their performance during this test.


When it comes to overclocking Abit and Albatron looks really nice, but unfortunately we had some problems with the Abit board which stopped us from running the MAXFSB test. Just like Gigabyte the PCB is bluish and the corners are rounded. With Springdale and Canterwood coming up it is a little hard to recommend an PE as the performance of the new boards will be a lot better, but if you can not wait you should go for the PE.

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We also get a bracket with 4 USB2. Regardless of which board you choose based on PE the performance will be very good.

The boards we have been looking at differ a lot from each other what features and packaging concerns but the performance has been quite the same overall.

Both of them are made on the ugly?