The battery is not removable. Also first to have MOV H. To almost the size of the original lenses. It comes with no manual, or a worthless manual. This code has not been targeted for the camera, but is a valuable read.

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The video quality is good. I found this cause. The solder joints might need to be re-soldered using solder flux. A “toy” probably does not need the added cost of producing 30 unique FPS.

Anyka Video / Graphics Drivers Download

This chip uses red, green and blue sensors. It can capture, edit and convert AVI files. The LED is off and pressing any button or the reset will not turn the camera on.

A larger image sensor requires even more processor power. Overall the best camera. It comes with no manual, or a worthless manual. If a camera is sold as p and takes p video, but has a p image sensor, it’s a fake.

Hold the power button down for 10 seconds, connect the USB cable, then release the power button. Where all the Anyka firmware is: This camera is for you if It can detect fake flash memory. The price is about 30 Euro.


Functionally similar to vidfo Run an anti-virus program to protect yourself.

All cameras have something similar. Quick press again to switch back to mass storage mode. Videeo missing frame occurs when the camera can’t produce a frame because the processor is under-powered or the flash memory is too slow. Scott sent me photos and sample AVI from a variant of a Syntek processor camera.

Rechargeable LiPo battery with protection circuit.

anyka video

Why are these cameras so cheap? Buy an from a seller who lists the version number. To power it I use two 2s lipos, say 8 volts eachin series 16 v and I made a small 12v regulator circuit with an LM and 2 resistors to give me 12 volts to power the relay board.

Many emails dialogs were ended when the camera owner tried a different USB cable. OK if the firmware is upgraded with 15 FPS firmware that offers much better quality.

Car Keys Micro Camera, Micro Video Recorder, Review

Many fake flash chips. All have a lens, microphone, USB connector, hole for the reset switch, two working buttons, two fake buttons, and an LED. Like the 3 but more missing frames. After 30 vireo on the 3 camera or 50 minutes on the 4 camera the AVI file is closed, and another video recording starts. What about the battery?


Note – When on, the camera will draw about mA, so the mAh NIMH batteries will expire in about 18 hours, or when the camera voltage gets below 3. If the system files are deleted or corrupted the camera will fail. A camera seller in Thailand sent me information about a new p camera.