Log in or Sign up. Value cards installed in my machine running the Kx Drivers. JGSF , Feb 27, Windows has a built-in generic USB audio driver that works with most devices. Is the download broken? Um, you mean low or high?

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If it still doesn’t work, report! Time code is limited to 1 deck and only for 5 minutes. With adio4all setup I can control the left deck, but not the right.

Maybe azio4all with a X-fi can help us out with this discussion No need to fiddle with the DSP settings at all. KXproject is alright but there’s to many problems that can occur and it’s only for SB cards. After a clean install, without any other changes it presents a separate ASIO device for each available outputs in stereo pairs.

ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio

I just saw you have an asus a8n. Please use the “ASIO Control Panel” button from inside your audio application in order to adjust the driver settings instead. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


This k especially true for consumer grade stuff, where you can be assured that the drivers shipped with it are most likely ‘consumer grade’ as well. Inviato Sat 12 Aug 06 1: The problem is that you can’t use the 2 decks ,x asio mode if you don’t have the pro version, demo only works with one deck and for 5 minutes.

I’ve never read about it being a problem with audio before.

ASIO4ALL with kX 24/96

I cleared the DSP Config for both cards and started from scratch. Log in or Sign up. Yes, my password is: Sick-OApr 15, The worst thing that could possibly happen is that it crashes, in which case you simply uninstall and forget about it. Anyone else run into this? Instead, you simply get no audio, and, if you open the ASIO4ALL control panel, you will find that your audio outputs are flagged with an error symbol.

It gives me hope in a society where, according to some who unfortunately appear to be running the show, virtually every aspect of human interaction is dictated by the laws of marketplace economy, shareholder value and whatnot, essentially excludiung asi4oall possibility of someone willing to give away money or other valuables to a total stranger where there is no obligation at all!


Check the ‘Force 16bit Samples’ box! What is this for?

I wasn’t thinking that this may become a FAQ but here we go: How this is done depends on your particular audio software and there usually is some sort of an audio configuration dialog.

Ewout Inviato Sun 13 Aug 06 You must log in or sign up to reply here. I can’t configure it properly. That screws up my creative mode or the creative flow. Latency settings lower than 3ms may be possible in some cases but I do not recommend this.

It sucks, but I’ll live with it. So any time calculation performed by whomever has a granularity of 1ms plus another 1ms because of rounding errors. Check the MIDI settings of your host application! Check it out www.