Smartphone User Manual About Playlists A playlist is a list of digital media files that play in a specified order. Page 80 Smartphone User Manual A Confirm screen similar to the one shown below on the left will initially display for DRM files that need to be activated. As with the desktop Media Player, it lets you sort your content by criteria such as artist name, album title, or genre. Your Smartphone will receive all incoming beams from other devices until you clear this option. Compare These Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Select the account to use; in Subj, enter a subject. Smartphone User Manual The media types that Album supports are listed below.

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Smartphone User Manual Answering a second call using Call Waiting If you are already talking on the phone when you receive another call, the Call Waiting screen will appear. The example figures below show the Properties screen. Locking Your Smartphone Locking your Smartphone prevents access to personal data.

Audiovox SMT (AT&T) review: Audiovox SMT (AT&T) – CNET

After you have stopped an applica- tion, the amount of Free Memory shown near the bottom of the screen is updated. Smartphone Chapter 9 Maintaining Your Smartphone 9. For example, you can use your own sounds for ring tones, use your favorite photo for the Home screen background, set up Call Forwarding to manage your calls more efficiently, and more.

Page 36 Smartphone User Manual Answering a second call using Call Waiting If you are already talking on the phone when you receive another call, the Call Waiting screen will appear. Guaranteed Delivery see all. Enter your message and select Send.


Page 84 Smartphone User Manual Sounds Sounds settings are used to customize the sounds for ring tones, notifications, and reminders. Press Done to add it to your message. Scroll to the contact with whom you want to chat. Some digital media files, such as songs downloaded from online stores, are encrypted to prevent the files from being unlawfully dis- tributed or shared. Before configuring E-mail on your Smartphone, you must have an Internet and E-mail account.

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Select — Inserts the currently highlighted canned text into your message. That said, it’s solidly constructed and feels sturdy when held in the hand. Speed Dial 1 is reserved for voice mail access and the number is configured in your settings.

Other manual settings are rich and are like in the rest HTC smartphones, so we won’t go into details here. My phone does not make any sound or vibrate when the Display Screen The status indicators concerning the current mode, battery strength, the current activity, or active program are displayed in the Title Bar at the top of the display.

For information about Inbox and moddm, see Chapter 6, Messaging Features.

You can also create a ,odem E-mail or text message from Contacts. Reply Reply to an open or selected mes- sage. It’s a fairly good file browser, it can replace, copy and send files however it cannot send files via Bluetooth.

This screen also lets you preview each choice before selecting Sort By Lets you sort the sequence of the files in the current folder according to Name, Date, Size, or Type.


Audiovox SMT 5600 Owner’s Manual

Carrying Case Also furnished with your Smartphone is a handy carrying pouch. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The Contacts entries fully mirror mocem in your Pocket Contacts Chapter 8.

It’ll take you some 5 minutes to edit and prepare it from any track using Windows XP application Movie Maker.

All of your available photo and video files will be displayed in a Thumbnail xudiovox. This pause is called the Multipress time-out, and you can adjust the length of the pause between keypresses. The score depends on the number auddiovox the balls you clear out at every move. For example, there has appeared the mobile version of Opera browser for this operating system.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

When you connect to the E-mail server or synchronize your Inbox with your PC, only the first 0. If you are connected via ActiveSync see Chapter 7audiiovox the program you want to install has an installer file that can be executed from the PC, installation will be performed automatically when you invoke the Installer file on your PC.