Omegon “5- in- 1″ Optics Cleaning Set. Dorling Kindersley The Astronomy Book. Omegon Eyepiece LE Planetary 9mm 1,25”. Business to Business Affiliate program Retailers. Omegon Suitcase with eyepieces and accessories. Omegon Eyepiece LE Planetary 5mm 1,25”.

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Omegon Classical roof prism binoculars Low-price pocket binoculars Zoom binoculars Astro binoculars Hunting binocular Marine binocular Compact binocular Lorgnette.

Bresser Telescope N / Messier Hexafoc EXOS-2

Purchase vouchers Coupon at a value of 25 euro Coupon at a value of 50 euro Coupon at a value of euro Coupon at a value of euro Coupon at a value of euro Coupon at a value of euro. This allows more precise focus adjustment. Omegon ‘Red okualr smartphone adapter. A motorical 2-axes control can be added.

BRESSER PC MicrOcular II | Bresser

This focuser has a free aperture of 65mm! Dorling Kindersley The Astronomy Book. Meade Series Color Filter Set 1,25″.


Omegon Erecting lense 1,25″. Meade Eyepiece Series HD 6.

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Omegon Variable grey filter 1. Customers who bought this product also bought Bdesser Color filter set 1,25” 6 pieces.

Omegon 3x Barlow lens, achromatic, 1.

Omegon Cronus eyepiece with Moon filter. Popular Categories 10×42 Roof prism glasses 8×42 Roof prism glasses 8×32 Roof prism glasses 7×50 Porro prism glasses 8×56 Porro prism glasses Monocular with Zoom function with Image stabilizer Binocular accessories. Omegon LE Series Eyepiece, Omegon 2”, 2X premium Barlow lens.

Omegon 2” adapters with reducer 1. Omegon Easypic Universal Smartphoneadapter. Omegon Eyepiece LE Planetary 9mm 1,25”. Bresser Messier 8×50 finder. Omegon Universal digital camera adapter.

The EXOS-2 is a robust mounting with high bearing capacity up to 13 kg visual, 10 kg photographic and precise setpoint tracing for visual watchings and for astro-photography. There are no customer reviews for this product yet.

Omegon Star chart Planisphere. Omegon Twin Light with brightness control. Omegon SWA 20mm eyepiece, 1. Log in to add this product to your watchlist. Astronomy Now Almanac Yearbook with Calender. Bresser Gear set, 1: Omegon 2” – 1.



Omegon Eyepiece LE Planetary 5mm 1,25”. Baader Sun filter foil xmm. Further, the very robust, precise worked mounting allows an easy entrance in astro-photography.