This is to prevent ozone from being exhausted due to the deterioration of the ozone filter. YES Clean the paper guide with a cotton cloth. When time is due for replacement of paper discharger, the following message appears on the control panel. Clean the corona wire and case, using a cotton swab. Oil bottle Fuser cleaner Starter kit packing L Fig. The brother logo is a registered trademark of Brother Industries, Ltd. YES Replace the transfer solenoid.

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Rear cover 3 R Fig. I-2 Missing Image at Edge Phenomenon There is missing or peeling toner found in the image at the edge as shown in the print sample 2 of Page Change the media or selection. Countermeasures 1 Confirm that there are no foreign objects stuck in the opening of the laser unit. Is the fusing unit properly installed? Enables the commands such as Ctrl-T, Ctrl-C and disables to use the binary data. Be sure to turn the power supply switch OFF and pull the plug out from the power outlet before starting maintenance work on the printer.


When removing the fusing unit, maintain the unit horizontally so that no oil leakage. Case to accommodate paper to be fed automatically. A4 paper must accommodate 80 characters printed in pica pitch Install the printer to be leveled out. Do not attempt to circumvent these safety interlocks.

Brother 3450CN Printer User Manual

Used for steel parts fitted to steel plates. OPC belt cartridge Video Signal To process brothrr input and output signals to and from the external controller host. Failure to do so may result in human injury or equipment damage. No cassette is installed. Necessary Tools and Replacement Materials x Two or three pieces of cotton cloth for cleaning x Fusing unit one unit Work Procedure Sequence of Disassembling 1 After turning off the printer, unplug the power cable from the power outlet.

Toner sensor TPD Fig. Replace the drum HP sensor.

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Countermeasures 1 Remove the OPC belt cartridge. Cleaning roller sensor 7. Is there fuser oil still in the oil bottle? Main motor 3 Fig. JAM X Refer to the diagram, and check the location.


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Top x 1 and Right hand side x 1 4 Slightly lift up the rear edge of the upper cover. Fuser cleaner 5 Secure the oil bottle and the fuser cleaner with the retainer lock levers. When you find this symbol placed on the equipment or marked in this manual, be aware of the potential of human injuries.

Paper with tabs and staples. Clean the paper guide using a dry cloth. Power inlet base Ground wire Fig.

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Toner cartridge K, Y, M, C Lower cassette 2 x Install the applicable media cassette to the paper feeder indicated on the LCD. Brothwr control the sensing of the toner empty status.

Black x Reinstall the toner cartridge correctly. There is a danger of electrical shock if you touch the active area inside the printer.