I still prefer the Cleveland or the Titleist because it allows me to work the ball and I get better feel of the clubhead. That would yield some very interesting numbers I think. The tungsten weight is encased in a TPU jacket, then suspended in urethane microspheres. Quick Shots 18hr ago How many miles do pro golfers travel each year? While the Biggest Big Bertha did certainly receive positive subjective feedback — unfortunately the data shows otherwise. Geo Golfx 2 years ago.

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I still have the same Big Bertha driver berthq I can barely get it yards now. I first hit a Biggest Big Bertha several years ago. Free rounds were the only rounds we could afford at the time, so I quickly showed up in my best ragtag gear. The tungsten weight is encased in a TPU jacket, then suspended in urethane callawwy. But don’t overlook the medium sized Great Big Bertha. Scott 2 years ago.

Callaway Biggest Big Bertha (1997) VS. Callaway EPIC (2017)

Really glad I stopped falling for the hype and stuck with my current one. Today they are closer to 7, yards. May 1st 88 Comments. KM 2 years ago. Your reasoning for choosing Bridgestone is sound as is his reasoning that one particular ball is an inadequate fit, especially for those with higher swing speeds. In order to maintain accuracy, and gertha uphold credibility in the values, a minimum quantity of “recent” historical data is required within the PGA Value Guide’s statistical analysis model.


So that should be a yard distance. Would love see the results of a 20 year old shaft vs with the same head.

It callawxy a total game changer with the titanium clubhead. Geo Golfx 2 years ago. I took a few years off due to ex wife and daughter, but have since started playing consistently again about 7 years ago.

Got fooled by the picture and description of the product by a real jerk. Stillnumber1 2 years ago. MyGolf Spy 2 years ago.

Who do I sue to get my promised extra yards???? Why is this review inappropriate? Good test — the point to me is this is simply a top line off-the-shelf driver of vs a top callwaay off-the-shelf driver of from the same company. So, it looks like drivers have improved about 0.

His dad, however, he said nothing. GolfCodeWeekly 2 years ago. This is about biggestt the club has changed, not just the head.

Callaway Biggest Big Bertha Driver

I have the GBB Epic and it is a phenomenal driver. The original Great Big Bertha was one of my all time favorite drivers. Certainly updated design and materials contribute to length, along with shaft improvements.


The Best Year for Drivers Ever? But epic, sorry no comment.

Callaway Big Bertha V Series Driver Review – Golfalot

Fielding 2 years ago. I wonder what the results would be if they both had the same shafts in them????

Seems like most of the other specs are fairly comparable. Basically the same observation as yours just expressed a little differently.