Why can’t I get the full range of Intercom out of my unit? Cardo has said they are working on a Mac version but did not have a release date. Wait 5 seconds and reconnect it 3. Actual range performance could be adversely affected by a number of environmental factors: The system connects with the voice command on the cell phone so calls can be initiated and controlled with ease.

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Scala Rider G9 | eBay

The Voice Activation g99 never worked properly since the day we bought it, which was the primary safety quality making the G9 lead the pack.

It uses Kenwood radios for the intercom.

The detailed Part 2 follow-up and final conclusions will be posted when that is rirer. I have the latest firmware, I did report it to them, they told me to unpair my phone and the GPS I did this and re paired everythingstill the same.

If this is the case consider placing the speakers outside your helmet ear cavities right opposite your ears. Our criteria in buying a communication system was to listen to card and communicate with caedo other. Cookies Cado website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.

By continuing to use this site you agree to these cookies. My wife has satellite XM radio connected to her AutoCom unit which has worked well for several years. This is because for some reason the K, as great a sport tourer it may be, has an Alpine audio system that seems to be plagued by low quality Bluetooth streaming, as if it uses a bitrate that is way too low.


Both of us ran into times when the sound of the wind woke up the mic and caused thing to get turned on.

I am not an expert about Powerset, but as a customer I felt the G9 terrible. Far better they just produced an intercom that worked properly. Bluetooth Intercom News and Reports.

I have to say, if a friend asked me about buying a G9, I would tell him to avoid it and get something else.

Scala Rider G9

Perform pairing or factory reset on the unit as described in the troubleshooting section in the user manual — the unit will turn off 5.

The FM radio in the G9 is better that the G4, but the reception can still vary quite a bit. The range stated in the product description has been tested in optimal conditions. Note that as motorcycle intercom technology evolves, each new intercom system brings more and different features, along with an ever-evolving array of third-party peripherals that can be connected to it.

After answering no to the first two and yes to the third one the G9 informs me that there is no number in the data base for that name. What can I say? I have to be fair, this Cardo Scala G9 was my first Powerset. As with all of the latest Bluetooth motorcycle intercom systems, feature and function standardization has made it easier to review this type of device. I thought about turning the VOX off but my understanding is that I will then need to manually switch press the button to go from listening to my music to talking to my husband.


G9 (audio kit): update, manual & pairing — Cardo Systems

That system even eliminates the boom mic for ever-smaller packaging. Always check before purchasing. Never once in 5 years did they operate properly or predictably.

Bluetooth Adapters and Intercom Accessory Reviews. Delete the unit from the paired devices list in the phone’s Bluetooth settings page 3.

Cardo Scala Rider G9 Review

Comments are ordered from most riider to oldest. The unit doesn’t seem to be charging or the Battery seems to not last as long as it should.

After trying to figure things g on my own, almost all day, I can now run the radio, place a hot call turn the radio on and off vocally but I would not consider having to press a button to initiate VOX a hands free system. The system has many different features, including a few that are unique to this intercom.

How do I make sure that my unit’s battery lasts as long as possible? Plug in your Cardo device, ensuring your unit is turned off. Rear view of the Cardo G9 mount.