For this test I used a pressed CD containing one Mode 1 data track. We have a computer that is used only for testing hardware. For these tests I am using the US version of Transformers: With all things considered, the SH-SL gets a 6 out of 10 for the performance section of this review. By looking at the picture below you can see the drive’s IDE interface, power connector and audio output connectors. They also must be able to recognize LightScribe media.

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The rear of the SH-SL is fairly straight forward. Itlights up green when the drive is reading or writing.

Fuji 48x Taiyo Yuden. Testing a drive’s DVD writing quality isn’t easy.

This feature comes in handy if you have an older DVD player that has problems playing recordable media. Even then, I would have liked to have seen some information on how to create and burn LightScribe labels.

– Samsung SH-SL 16x DVD±RW/RAM – Reviews – all-pages

All of the times below include not only the actual writing time, but the lead in and out times too. By looking at the screenshots above, you can see that Samsung’s new dvds starts writing at about 6. Starting from the left of the IDE connection you’ll see the jumper switch for master, slave and cable select.


The Movie and Star Wars: While not the fastest drive we’ve tested, the SH-SL took Of course you can’t do this with just any drive, media or software. For this, Samsung refers you to Nero’s help files. It not only shares the same basic bezel design, but has many ah the same logos.

TSSTcorp CD/DVDW SH-S162L ATA Device Drivers

This program queries the drive to see what its reading and writing capabilities are. This is a very rough, but good way to test the drive’s error correcting abilities. To see how well Samsung’s new drive can read scratched and dirty discs, I used CD Speed’s ScanDisc utility to see how many sectors were damaged or unreadable. If you look at the advanced features, you can see that the SH-SL was able to read the CD-Text and subchannel data but failed to read the lead in and lead out sections of the CD.

Once you’ve created your LightScribe label, you’re ready to print it. This tries to mimic the activities of a person loading these programs onto their own computer. Even if you have a LightScribe capable drive and media, you will need software that supports it.

This gives a more realistic idea of how long it takes to write a CD. The pictures Samsung has provided are very good.

Samsung SH-S162L Firmware TS08

InfoTool had no problems detecting the SH-SL’s maximum reading and writing speeds, recording modes, buffer underrun protection and 2MB buffer. To check the media compatibility of the SH-SL, I ran a few tests using some of the media available in my area. The guide starts out by going over the buttons and connectors located on the front and back of the SH-SL.


For testing purposes, we created a few discs using Verbatim’s LightScribe v1. The guide continues on by going over c physical installation of the drive. How long does it take to print a label? If the source disc is larger than 4. In all cases, the quality has been set to “best”. With features and specs like this, it’s hard not to be impressed by Samsung’s new “Super-Multi” drive. At this speed it took the drive a little more than 6 dvcw to write an entire 4.

The media types, along with the average time it took the drive to write our 4. Using the bundled software you can both create and burn LightScribe disc labels. The worst results were with Memorex’s 2.