Press Y to confirm your operating system. Connect any application to any data source anywhere. Webinars Watch webinars about DataDirect on demand. You can use the existing “Greenplum Wire Protocol” entry as a template. Global leader in enterprise software for the construction industry needs to share Progress OpenEdge application data with third party BI tools. Verify the selected installation options, and click Install to begin installation. Excellence Rely on our rigorous testing under production conditions to produce a proven suite of connectivity products.

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Community Forums Blogs Feedback Portal. Reduce development costs and hardware requirements with scalable, flexible resource utilization features. Our product can connect to virtually any rechnologies through an ADO.

Blog Read about industry trends, product use cases, technical tips and more. You should see this driver in the License dialog box: Connect any application to any data source anywhere. Enter YES to accept the above agreement: Was this article helpful?

Eight of the top nine BI vendors and five of the top six data integration tools partner with us for a reason. The installer displays the license agreement.


Explore Hybrid Connectivity Service. The installer prompts you for registration information: Power IBM i 7. Webinars Watch webinars about DataDirect on demand.

DataDirect ODBC Drivers for Pivotal Greenplum

Unleash your application dataadirect with the largest variety of data sources and interoperability features. If necessary, permit the Tecjnologies installer to run. Documentation For comprehensive information on the installation and unique features of our drivers. It also automatically detects the current application’s platform and selects the corresponding x86 or x64 option.

Entry Description Database Pivotal Greenplum database name. Best-in-class functionality, reliability, ease of use With Connect for ODBC, you get consistent behavior and optimized performance across different databases to improve developer productivity and the dependability and performance of your applications.

DataDirect ODBC Drivers for Pivotal Greenplum | Pivotal Greenplum Docs

Rely on our rigorous testing under production conditions to produce a proven suite of connectivity products. Get support for all major platforms and operating systems for data connectivity, regardless of location.

Gain application improvements with the most complete suite of performance features on the market. Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing. ODBC drivers enable third party applications to connect via a common interface to the Pivotal Greenplum Database system. Connect for ODBC drivers offer reliability, ease of use and the most advanced functionality for the best experience connecting your applications to data.


NET or ODBC data provider, but these providers usually require downloading, installing and setting up a 3rd party driver on the client’s machine, which makes the setup unnecessarily complicated.

Connect Any Data Source to Any Application

Execute the example utility to test the DSN connection, technologes the Greenplum Wire Protocol data source name and the credentials of a Pivotal Greenplum user. Installing on Linux Systems.

English has been set as the installation language. It provides the same options as the CLI installer and adds the ability to output the installation log to an external file. Unlike “classic” ODBC dataadirect from database vendors and other suppliers, DataDirect’s unique wire protocol ODBC drivers eliminate the need to connect to the database through database client libraries.

Enter your licensing information: Select the System DSN tab. Choose options appropriate for your installation.