The connector of the power switch and the indicator lights, and the connector of the BIOS battery: It means that the card is being cooled in a twofold manner, and, so, doesn’t heat so much. Next the video card’s cooler has to be dismantled. Removing the hard disk Dell’s official manual: Before starting the manipulations inside the laptop, the battery and the integrated hard disk had to be removed. Afterwards it looks like that:.

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Then, you need to connect the LCD, pressing the connector slowly into the socket of the GPU, and place the cable into the recess of the case.

There is plenty of room on the right side of the case. One has to carefully lead both antenna cables of the WLAN card to the notebook’s top side. Moving it gently, try to arrange the card ideally, screw counter-clockwise and press it to the motherboard. Be careful not to damage the lacquer of the case it’s recommended to put a piece of paper beneath the blade of the screwdriver.

Dell Inspiron E1705 Video Cards

First, I had to check, if the left heat pipe E175 would fit into the case. Employee and Student Discounts. During the following steps you won’t need them anymore.


Let me one more time refer to the manufacturer’s website: Finally, the keyboard including the power switch has to be put on the top cover.

When we’ve got so far, maybe it’s time optionally to disassemble the cooling of the CPU and exchange the processor itself. You can put it turned upside down on the touchpad. It is yet a long way to be able to access it You shouldn’t pull the Express card out, as you can damage the connection on the motherboard that way.

Case Study: Replacing the Video Card of a Dell Inspiron E () – Tech

So, you shouldn’t apply too much force. Afterwards it looks like that:. After installing the MobileForce So, mounting this heat pipe will be trouble-free.

Do more with Dell.

Do more with dual-core power. Removing the hard disk Dell’s official manual: Therefore, I needed to use a pair of side cutting pliers to cut out two pieces of the inner part of the case. After unscrewing them, you put the upper part of the keyboard upwards and then pull it out in the direction of the screen. All those parts are fixed to the top case of the base unit, which you need to remove next.

What is required to replace a notebook’s video card? Press F5 immediately in order to run the diagnostic program, and, after performing the necessary tests, enter the BIOS, where you can vireo the following: Best Displaysfor University Students.


The connector of the power switch and the indicator lights, and the connector of the BIOS battery: It is affixed at its upper part by two vidoe. Watch DVDs and videos, listen to your favorite songs, organize and edit digital photos, and more – the Inspiron E has power to spare.

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Even dedicated Vdeo are usually soldered to the main board. I confess, that I didn’t manage to put the cooler off the GPU in order to apply some new thermal paste to the core. Be careful and mount the card horizontally and not aslant, as the slot is very damageable. Gideo details about dismantling the keyboard can be found at Dell’s website: Furthermore, the WLAN card must also be removed, because otherwise there is no way to dismantle the screen.

Fitting the left heat pipe:.