If you see any corrosion inside the slot clean it up with a toothbrush and alcohol. Nothing seems to work. The battery icon indicates that it is not charging. Keep track of screws. Once replaced, I plugged in the power cord.

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Dell Inspiron 15r N5110 M5110 Wireless WLAN WiFi Antenna Cable 25.91399.011

Accessing the cooling fan assembly. Please find me some solution. I have 2 long, 2 short and 2 black and 2 white.

After a year of using my wirwless without abuse, i found some annoying problems with its CMOS battery, touchpad, internal keyboard and even its earphone and speaker sockets… Damn it! Thanks for this guide. I hit my laptop inspiron N it was a soft hit but after I did it my laptop screen went white, so I turned it off and back on and it was the same with 8 beeping sounds.

Took it apart, inspect the monitor wire, looks good. So I tested with other new memory. Help would be greatly appreciated Check memory.

My main wieeless is: I got a 3 beep code and then it would not bootup or even start I have had this problem several times and for some mysterious reason, everything would work fine! I think this laptop has a regular CR coin battery which you can buy in any convenience store. I think you can see that on the picture. I turned on the power botton and it lights up a few seconds and goes off. Many thanks for putting these very good instructions up.


You have done a good job by giving the steps to dismental the laptop. I remove battery, follow your instructions and dry it. I only had a problem with its main external battery and nothing else…after 8 months of use which i got it replaced through its warranty service for free. It power adaptor and the batter are working fine but the laptop does not switch sell.

Dell Inspiron 15r N M Wireless WLAN WiFi Antenna Cable | eBay

I have a loose connection i think because the webcam gets detected when i keep my screen at a particular angle. Also, make sure the AC adapter is good. Probably you had purchased wrong memory type. I have know idea where it goes. You cannot disassemble the keyboard for cleaning. I replaced the wirelses drive myself. Mine is 6 months old….

How to disassemble Dell Inspiron N (Inspiron 15R) – Inside my laptop

My webcam has gone not detected on the computer, the webcam module is working well when checked on a different machine. I also got a new motherboard from Dell and along with the DC jack board replaced these items. Went to install drivers and the computer died. I then took out the battery while plugged in and it died again!


After I got it back together, the laptop would not power up still del it would finally with the battery installed.

Used to have a dell inspiron and disassembling it was wirelless main pain in the ass. I was in a panic. I ordered the DC jack board from your recommended Ebay site. Help would be greatly appreciated. So, took it apart and connected the audio wire, then put it back together… Same problem now, all lights and fan but no screen, same as before.