But I’ve been one since , and before that I was one the first time around in when I was at school. No-one was ever done by the law for selling ice T records, and no one has ever been arrested either. This lineup toured extensively, but many venues were reluctant to book the band because of their reputation as a violent skinhead band attracting audience fights. In early December 1 the lads officially formed the band and called themselves Tumbling Dice, after the Rolling Stones song by the same name written in taken from the album Exile On Main St. Chorus And still today they keep on lying, Four years on and they still ain’t learned, That the Skinhead way of life is getting stronger every day, Skrewdriver started to take a more openly Nationalist stance and at a gig at the club one night Ian raised his right arm and proclaimed “This one’s called Tomorrow Belongs To Me. Knocked down, Knocked down to the ground. I can ‘t even understand one word of Swedish!

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Jung but as far as my research extends Ian was a normal, compos mentis, healthy well adjusted child who grew up in an atmosphere of a stable, loving, caring family. At school Ian would train hard and put a lot of work in at football practice and he became a rather skilled player for his age. They tried to break him with their corrupt ways, Offered freedom duat the end of his days, They wanted him to denounce the Fuhrer, But his devotion was always true, yeah.

He went to Brighton and kicked in some hippies with his boots. Needle man leads me nicely on to the album cover designed by Bugs Tattoo Parlour, which was then based on the Caledonian Road, North London, but has since moved.

That was Joe Hawkin’s philosophy.

Von ‘ start a Nationalist band unless your willing to accept daimond hell of a lot of harassment and a lot of hard work to get anywhere. I don’t want to destroy them, but I wouldn ‘t let people like Prince Charles be telling people what they ought to do.


Have they got the White man on the run? Then I think of our cousins in the U.

Skrewdriver:Diamonds In The Dust/Hail Victory Lyrics

Ian stayed in London for around seven months, then moved back to Back in the Fylde, Ian managed to secure a job as a clerical assistant at the nearby Premium Bonds office, but that isn’t to say he hung up his boots, Ian hooked up with his old mates and was soon getting into scrapes. Chorus On the steppes of their retreat, The cold racked their bodies, But worse was the pain of defeat, Many people who had hailed them once, Now turned and looked away, Those people now knew, that the beast was no h They finally came back, to the borders of their Fatherland, Skrewdrkver came, traitors everywhere at hand.

The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes, The blossom embraces the bee, Tomorrow belongs to me! An only child for the first five years of his life, Ian was pleased to have fiamond little companion skrwwdriver play with when his brother Anthony was born.

Diamonds In the Dust | Skrewdriver Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios

Small crowd at first but filled up as the lads played. We believe that life itself is awarded by Nature only to those who fight for it and WE BELIEVE that no man is entitled to the service or the products of the labour of his fellow men, unless he contributes at least an equal skrewdruver of goods or services of his own production or inventions.

They were supporting bands like Siouxie and the Banshees: I find I am limping. The skrewdriger are popular so the magazine is popular. Never mind, it’s a small price to pay.

By October 1 the Front had grown to 44 London branches and provincial chapters. The lads rented a rundown one-room bedsit in the Cheetham Hill district the Jewish part of town which later turned out to be infested with rats!

The Don was now in the third year at school, and was gaining a reputation for being a bit of a handful, with the Skinhead cult at its height, and even Burton’s stocking Ben Shermans and braces, Ian wasn’t going to miss out on any of the action, and was soon pulling on his Doc’s and shaving his head.


When they reckoned that the Skinheads days were numbered, And the papers dripped with liquid hate, Being Patriotic’s not the fashion, so they say, To fly your countries’ flag’s a crime, Society tried its best to kill you, But the spirit lives until the end of time. The future is now! They were walking around Argyle Square looking for a hotel, and as all the lads were wearing Union Flag patches and the like, a bloke came over and asked if they were NF supporters.

Skrewdriver refused to condemn their loyal followers, many of whom were friends, and as a result got banned. The band were doing a gig at the Hambrough Tavern, along with fellow Oi!

Chords for Skrewdriver “Diamonds in the Dust/Hail Victory”

Soon after Gods of War, Skrewdriver became a five piece band again, with Ross McGarry joining Crossy on guitar and in the autumn the lads were busy in the studio recording a new LP for Skrewdriver entitled After The Fire and at the same time did the hard-hitting single The Showdown. Corruption in high places still around it seems. Several past individuals associated with the group, many of them politically left-wing or i, have condemned the latter third position incarnation.

The band did three spots and came across djst tight and professional with everyone playing well. Every Aryan has a choice: He would have been wasted on doing punk music.

Tomorrow belongs to me! Voice Of Britain, a fast, catchy number with Ian growling out his call for a British rebirth, and on the B-side Sick Society which is best described as a modern day folk song inspired by the murder of NF member Albert Mariner.