I selected the right COM ports. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the baud rate, settings, etc. You need a specific driver for your USB to serial adapter. Here’s another way of going about the Serial to USB conversion that bypasses having to use a serial cable adapter at all: It doesn’t seem hard, just a couple pictures might help others. I googled the drivers so i can’t recall where i got them from but here is the info from the inf file ; CHSER. Is there another problem that I might be over looking?

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Dynex DX-UBDB9 USB PDA/Serial Adapter Cable – Serial adapter – USB – RS-232

If not, send me a PM with your email and I will send you it. It was working, then something changed and it’s not. Please assign your manual to a product: If EvoScan doesn’t work, just get your stuff set up for Standalone logging.

Thanks for helping this noobee. So after about a dozen hours of tinkering, four driver versions, and three cables, I finally have a combination that works. pdq/serial


I just bought the wideband and my labtop is a month old so I had b19 prior to the purchase. Follow these steps and you should do fine Goofy, do you know which version of Belkin you have?

20 Most Recent Dynex DX-UBDB9 Serial Adapter Questions & Answers – Fixya

Now if I only had pdq/serial software Every other program HyperTerminal on Windows, Serial connections in Terminal on my Mac, etc reads the outputs just fine. Got one for you. The drivers with some of the ebay ones tend to be a bit more finacky. It’s actually the EvoScan software. That’s what I have. Download the driver file: Cut the end off the serial cable and solder the wires directly to pda/serkal cables.

Sorry for the late update. I will look for my drivers. Well, it looks like if I use a terminal emulator to read the serial data, it works. Click on the Advanced They have to be compatible with the drivers pre-loaded on the Windows CE that comes in the Nav.

DSC PC software needed

If you cut a cable you would have to figure out which wire corresponding to each pin. The updates come from the “web pda/seiral file that is available with the DLS I bought the keyspan about a month ago and it has been working fine. I am sure your USB to serial is incompatible with Evoscan.


I’ve done that times. Got a lot of stuff to install in the next week or so.

Fortunately for me, it works just fine. Answered on Jul 15, SMF – Just Installed! Do you use 32 pad/serial or 64 bit windows dino? I searched on the web and found a more recent driver. This is good news, I’ve seen a lot of people Evo having problems v2. Answered on Sep 12, It will probably stop working after a day or two like mine did lol I emailed golden about the program he wrote.