The placement of the single ports could convince very well, these being placed more in the side back area and with that makes, even during mobile use of the netbook, a good impression. The netbook shows itself very agile and should, with its sturdy metal case , also cope with very intensive mobile use. The netbook is even available with an UMTS module, optionally. This may seem like a fine distinction, but it represents a big jump in usefulness and productivity. The Asus Eee PC”. The installation worked totally fine. With that, a whole row of further functions , besides the control of the cursor and typing instructions, can be applied.

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Consequently, even within Asus testing labs in Taipei, many variations were found within test models.

Archived from the original on 9 July Screen flickering during boot and it ends in the view I attached as photograph. Extending the internal display or cloning the same, as well as a detached representation on the eeee or external monitor are possible.

The moderate hardware equipment, as well as the permanently running fan provide for a constantly cool case. Eee PC models have typically used netbook specific processors or ultra-low voltage versions of mainstream processors.

Asus Eee PC 1000H

Temperature The moderate hardware equipment, as well as the permanently running fan provide for a constantly cool case.


Asus Eee PC H, with courtesy of: It’s hard not to like the little bugger.

The display has been attached to the base unit with particularly large and seemingly stable hinges in order to make the display do these exercises patiently, even after a longer time. The version Eee H costs approx.

Archived from the original on 29 Garphics It’s a device that’s roughly the size of an ultraportable yet has half an ultraportable’s power albeit at more than half an ultraportable’s price.

There was some controversy regarding the battery supplied with the EeePC I unconditionally recommend it to anyone in the market for a netbook, as I believe it to be the best one available. Touch typing wasn’t a problem on the new keyboard, either, and could convince with a very pleasing pressure feeling and a discreet noise level.

[lubuntu] Lubuntu on Netbook eee pc H Graphics Problem

However, it is possible to recompile the kernel with support for more RAM. Please, switch off ad blockers. System Noise Despite the minimal equipment in regards to performance, the netbook has been fitted with a very active system fan. The first Eee PC was a milestone in the personal computer business, [2] launching the netbook category of small, low-cost laptops in the West in Japan, subnotebooks had long been a staple in computing.

Asus Eee PC

November 28th, 7. You can perceive a slight blur of the displayed text characters but the displayed quality can, nevertheless, be described as quite apt for use. The Eee PC turns into a mobility-pro in connection with the integrated 1.


Some of the above operating systems, while they may have been available, and some barely worked sluggishly, are no longer up to date. The built in hard disk remained pleasingly quiet, though. November 6th, 2. A substantial difference to other netbooks is that the Asus Eee PC H is equipped with a classical hard disk.

Review Asus EeePC H Netbook – Reviews

I booted from USB using the It also includes StarSuite 8. Join Date Nov Beans 2. Gamestar Comparison,Length Unknown, Date: The Windows XP operating system adds to the cost but makes it much more flexible to use. Now it is possible to type even 10000h texts on the obviously larger keys, without difficulty.

Three additional models followed. Connection of an external monitor The offered VGA port might be of importance for connecting an external display or a projector.

It’s an attractive product now, and will be 100h0 even more attractive when Asus updates their lineup with the new dual-core Atom processor, which is scheduled to hit later this year.