Integrating your various software applications couldn’t be any easier – never again do the signals from multiple applications need to access the outside world and this can only help to improve fidelity. Inputs – Channels 1 and 2 as needed jack or XLR microphone with amplification and gain adjustment directly on the interface. This product is no longer manufactured. Viewpoint value for money is the top at least at the time for small budget who want to taste the quality. It allows me to read a midi file on my pc and play along. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Even if I do not serve, I keep a little more because the report qualitprix is really good and what is scarce now.

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Inputs – Channels 1 and 2 as needed jack or XLR microphone with amplification and gain adjustment directly on the interface. There’s a massive range of good quality ep1010 interfaces on the market these days, so picking one isn’t easy.

I bought it for recording during rehearsals. Latency is very low. Buy an adapter side is a bit abused.

ESI – Product Archive: ESP

Well it does not because I m’handicape happening elsewhere but at a time I found it comfortable. This product is very good, it must be a year since I have, I’ve never had any problems. Par cons in having better, I n’ais rarely used both preamp that are integrated with the ESP All these connections are mounted on a 19″ brushed aluminium rack that plugs into the supplied PCI card.


However, no bugs and deplore the lack of update is not a concern because it works wonderfully. Possibility to add a 48V phantom power – Tracks standard jack Outputs – Tracks Plugs Each channel input and output is independently adjustable for volume and balance. A friend had a WamiRack XL and was happy.

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I’m thinking of switching to a Motu mk3 to benefit from some additional inputs and also to check if we really changes-end but until then this map satisfies me. No problems at all, good stability and suitable format except for the number of XLR inputs a bit limited now. It is in working order quickly.

Just give us the power adapter and we’ll ask for no more! With experience, I would make the same choices in the budget even though I admit to seek quality over a little history to test the difference. It esp101 me well.

The convertos are good, although less clear on but I find them very accurate.

Low latency 3ms as a general rule. When the SAV app, at the time, it was nonexistent! Maybe I should have liked more of a microphone input. Said card houses a D-pin connection to dsi the composite breakout cable.


And frankly given the price, I did not hesitate for long. For the home studio recordings and “live”, it is nickel.

Incredible value for money. I have a latency ofwhich suits me fine.

User reviews: ESI ESP – Audiofanzine

Sturdy and noise free. Although there are times better you can achieve results bluffing when applying. I use this card in my little home studio as recently as private and professional.

Just be super careful in buying this card because it fits on a PCI slot.

Near-zero latency thanks to the integrated card on PCI slot. Before you make a decision, you need to work out how much money you’re going to spend and then consider which features you need.

I have not really choose this esl because I bought into a lot of someone who sold his home studio but I am very satisfied. I wanted maximum input and output for a scalable system