Ok 2 Indicates that the logical drive is in normal operation mode. External Tape Drive Model. This value represents the overall condition of this logical drive and any associated physical drives. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Recovery Failed Bad Write Error.

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This is an indication of whether the tape drive heads require a cleaning session to occur.

The number of times that a physical drive did not respond with an interrupt within a controller-defined period of time after a command had been issued during the reference time phyDrvRefTime. Config Command 11 Indicates that write cache operations have been permanently disabled.

QLogic Driver Download – Fibre Channel Adapters – Windows – Windows Server R2 (bit)

This shows the total number of write memory parity errors that were detected while writing to the Array Accelerator board.

Array Accelerator Failed Fcx.

A text description of the hardware location, on complex multi SBB hardware only, for the controller. The type of controller card.

These are the same IDs which can be used as indices into the physical drive table. Hi All, I fkbre found out what was wrong: The data contained on the failed physical drive must be reconstructed from the fault tolerance data and copied to the spare so that the spare can function in place of the failed drive.


This is the controller’s expand priority. Hi, Is there already a soluction for this issue? This value is maintained since the Tape Hardware Interface driver was loaded.


This is the location tibre the tape drive. If you suspect a problem: Failed 3 Indicates that more physical drives have failed than the fault tolerance 212x of the logical drive can handle without data loss. For duplexed controllers, this is the controllers current role. Hewlett Packard Enterprise International. The following values are defined: Auto-Reliability only operates if the logical drive is configured in one of the fault tolerance modes.

The Logical Drive condition.

QLA cannot update bios – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

The number of times a write error occurred while performing Automatic Data Recovery from another drive to this physical drive during the reference time phyDrvRefTime. Chamnel Failed Bad Read Error. This error could be caused because the physical drive has failed to spin. A parity bit is included for each byte of information stored in memory. Automatic Data Recovery is complete.


Active 5 A physical drive has failed. Ok 2 Indicates that a particular battery pack is fully charged. External Array 221s Access. Afternoon all, Have a I supplied enought information pertaining to this question.

If the serial number can not be determined, the agent will return a NULL string. The configuration of the logical drives has changed. External Tape Library Location. When the spin up command was issued, the drive failed to reach its ready state. I’m having the exact same problem on one of my 8 BL20p nodes If the data does not match, an error has occurred.