The pump will continue to run after a power failure for a period of eight hours or more, by automatically switching to the internal battery supply. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab. If your order is taking longer than expected or you want to find out when it will arrive, please contact us. Issue 7 August Service Manual 2 7. Wet-side pressure sensing, intermittent infusion capabilities, and computer interfacing were added. Make a note of how the eight spade tags are connected to the Regulator board and then slide and lift off the tags. The main processor generates codes in the range 0 to 99 Table 5.

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This circuit also runs a software watch-dog to monitor the operation of the Main processor. Fit a new transformer by reversing steps 2 to 4 detailed above and then close the casing see on page The output from each NOR gate is forced low, thus disabling the motor irrespective of control pulses from the processor. This document may not be copied or reproduced in whole or in part, or transferred to any More information.

All programmed values are retained following power off or AC failure. A flag assembly is activated by the left hand insertion pin. Smiths Medical recommend that the condition of the three internal batteries is checked at least annually. The pump can be run from AC power or from internal rechargeable batteries which give more than eight hours of use.


The device must be used to administer only those analgesics which are approved for epidural administration as indicated by the drug labelling. This item was tested and is sold as fully functional and syrunge a very good condition.

With the growth in PCA knowledge in the medical community, many more software features were incorporated into the to aid PCA administration The was developed again from the to satisfy the need for a high speed infusion pump for intravenous anaesthesia. Delivery times may vary, especially during peak periods and will depend on when your payment clears – opens in a new window or tab.

PCA Pump Graseby 3300

The Regulator circuit is protected by an AC power fuse see page RIA Operator syfinge Manual. Remove the seismometer More information. AC voltage adjustment 1.

If, when turning the pump on, screens similar to those illustrated are not displayed, do not use the pump. Errors and omissions excepted. Use only the syringes and administration sets listed in the Specification at the end of this manual. The total 1 to 8 hours in 1 hour steps.

Graseby 3300 PCA Syringe Pump

Fit the new assembly by reversing steps 2 to 5 detailed above and then close the casing see page Syronge spring is located at the right hand end of the leadscrew. As a result, the operator or patient may suffer direct injury, or the PCA pump may fail to operate correctly, leading to patient injury or death.

The wet-side occlusion pressure monitoring made the pump particularly suitable for use in intensive-care baby units.

  128 PRO 4.13 7192 DRIVER

After installation the Command Summary More information. 33000 the casing see page It is usually lowest in small diameter syringes. Lead acid batteries must not be placed in the normal waste stream. United Kingdom and many other countries See details. Grasrby flag rotates about the axis of the hinge and operates an opto-sensor on the Main board which informs the processor whether the cover is open or closed. The safety and reliability of the pump may be compromised by the use of parts other than those specified in this Manual.

Graseby™ Syringe Infusion | Smiths Medical

Disconnect the AC power connector and using a scratch free flat surface, turn the pump over to gain access to the base of the pump. Fit a new leadscrew assembly see Note below by reversing steps 2 to 6. Lift the retaining clip on the side of ribbon cable connector PL5 Main board and then disconnect PL5. It is essential that clinical staff remain within visual and audible range of the pump so that critical alarms can be seen or heard and responded to.

A battery recharging circuit is contained within the pump and the batteries will become fully charged when connected to the AC power for up to 14 hours, even though the pump itself may be switched off.