Dell returns to the stock market after six years. You get the same bundle minus the Serillel 2 adapter of course and most importantly the IC7 keeps the same excellent BIOS options for overclocking and performance tweaking. Friday , May 02, Author: We review ABIT’s feature packed addition to the line up. The average desktop user won’t have much of a use for this technology, but anyone that is transferring a significant amount of data over gigabit Ethernet will enjoy the bus. We use a number of encoding apps here to stress the system. Instead of simply dumping everything into a box, they actually organize it, and do a very good job of it.

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Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Don’t get me wrong; I’m a big fan of bundles that give consumers more bang for their buck, but I don’t want to see creative and engineering energies diverted iic7-g from the actual products to arrays of accessories instead.

Abit IC7-G Max II Motherboard Review – ExtremeTech

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Business Winstone and Multimedia Content Creation Winstone Our standard suite of applications-based benchmarks test the overall performance when running office applications Business Winstone or multimedia content creation CC Winstone. Log in Don’t have an account? Socket based Intel Pentium 4 processors. Log in Don’t have an account? ABIT is known for their dedication to the pursuit of quality and speed. Four filters are chained together and run on a MB.


However, the inclusion of rear SPDIF ports is a nice touch that might make up for this loss to some users. On a more serio The board itself is a complete solution, offering a myriad of features and the performance to match.

All in all you shouldn’t be disappointed with this sound solution unless you’re a serious audiophile. Keeping power cords away from the IC7-G’s relatively bare socket area leaves plenty of room for larger passive heat sinks.

Abit IC7-G User Manual: Additional Usb Port Headers [fp-usb1, Fp-usb2]

Media Encoding Adobe After Effects: Apple updated to Quicktime 6. The four memory slots are two different colors; each color represents a dual-channel pair, so figuring out where to install modules is easy. About us Privacy policy Mailing list Mobile.

Note that the difference from top to bottom is only 1. The rest of the encoding tests show performance as uc7-g fairly even with the middle of the pack.


The third test involved using Lightwave 3D 7. Voltage, fan status, and temperature monitoring. This is one of the ic-7g glaring losses, as there are more and more users connecting to broadband services by the second. ABIT continues this trend with their iP based motherboard solutions. Thus far, Abit has shied away from opulent bundles. To the right of the AUX connector is the front audio panel header.

  100 8101E DRIVER

The northbridge itself is usbb cooled by a colorful HSF unit, held on with a variation on the standard ABIT northbridge hold down mechanism. Abit’s inclusion of an AGP Pro slot on the IC7-G should attract graphics professionals looking to run workstation-class graphics cards, but it does sacrifice the board’s suitability for LAN gaming a little.

I don’t have a case window, and I’m not the type to choose PC components based on cosmetic appearance, but the IC7-G doesn’t need to be this ugly.

Abit had to sacrifice one nine pin serial port, but one serial port is still available. Just to the left of the socket is the iP northbridge. Abit only ships drivers, Acrobat Reader and a hardware monitoring utility with the board.

Multitasking Scenarios We also tested the impact of Hyper-Threading by using three different multitasking scenarios. Motherboards Previous page Next page. This is one of the few boards that I have come across that I can find almost no fault in its layout whatsoever. The layout is relatively clean, too.