Nick,Can you talk me through. He was obviously not preaching from an educated perspective regarding this particular piece of hardware, hence my admittedly reactionary response. Read a fucking dictionary before you go preaching to others about what to read, you complete tit. It is a great deal cheaper than an I-pod, so all in all problem solved satisfactorily. I called it “New Music Folder” but call it whatever you like. This is also stated in the manual I have for my player. Press the PLAY button again.

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The device offers excellent sound and the extra bass doesn’t really hurt the life span that much. On left of screen look for window that says “File and Folder Tasks”.

It not only gives you what percentage of the player memory you are using, but also means that it will play WMA file types. If you want them all on your MP3, highlight them all. I have deleted folders and created new ones with no problem. Negative points are that the player queues MP3 files before WMA files, so if you have a compilation made up of both, then it will NOT play them in order.

What Hi-Fi?

Blings on January 10, Excuse simplistic language all you Techno Wizards! It copies ok when I drag files into the MP3 drive, but when i try and access them in the music folder, it says there are “No files” Have I got a broken MP3??? This means that all you can put into the ‘Music’ folder is individual track files, not further folders.


Double click this to open the list of individual tracks.

IItronics IMP MP3 Player

Nick,Can you talk me through. Tried downloading songs onto it – took 3 songs and said the memory was full. Despite downloading iitronica onto drive I it will not recognise the drive and states there are no other files to play apart from the 3 on iitroniccs H.

IItronics IMP MP3 Player hi i got the imp for xmasi have tried for days now, to work out how to getmusic from my cds to the player but i just cant do it.

iitronucs Do not rip your CDs straight to the player. I will try next to burn a CD first and then try to rip it back to the mp3, but in the mean time, if you guys have an idea, i’d really appreciate! However, the mp3 only recognizes the songs on Drive E and not Drive F.

And lo and behold it now works. Recent comments OK, Well an old topic but.

Create new account Request iitronicss password. There is a limit to the number of folders you can have and a limit to the number of files in each folder 99 in both cases, I think.

Iitronics Portable WMA / Mp3 Player Imp-65 Early Digital Music USB

I just bought a new IItronics MP3 player, but i was wondering I have found that by removing the new AAA battery, after use, and replacing it again when I want to use this device, it now works fine.


Volume and input buttons acting up. IItronics IMP MP3 Player I bought one of these worthless pieces of crap and uitronics time I have tried to play it after the first 15 minutes of having it it keeps turning off.

A basic understanding of how MP3 players and USB connections work is necessary in order to get your product working properly. As a general rule, people iiyronics read instructions more iitrobics but there was little of substance in the manual that came with the basic IItronics player.

On to more constructive matters.

Even though it clearly states that they will play WMA files, the mb one says “format error” and the mb one says “file error”. Since previous posts alluded to the poor instructions provided, Paul’s iitornics might have been better spent reading them before offering blind criticism that does little but patronise and add to people’s frustrations.

Markos on December 22, The files seemed to download fine and are visible in the folders but when i come to play them it says unknown format. You should see the name of your first track on the screen. Karrlas iotronics December 19, It is sturdy, well manufactured and robust I’ve already dropped it twice.