But I dont have a PayPal account. In my experience passing control to USB devices on the host is not absolutely reliable. The eBay seller I bought mine from didn’t post the info they had claimed to for installing. Been having problem with this USB to Network adaptor. BB code is on. I installed it on Windows XP not my machine and it functioned. Virus Problem, Please Help.

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Hello Jose,I installed the driver setup files for my windows 7 pc,but the ky-rs network adapter still does not work,there is no light also flashing. Thanks for any help on this matter. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled. Spent almost half a day to troubleshoot this darn device. You might want to buy this one: Newer Post Older Post Home.

KY-RS9600 Device problem

Is it possible to change the driver files to match my device on my OS? Steve King saking live.

Well maybe your device is defective If there is one then you got it defective. Internet Searching for drivers on Internet, I discovered that: I have a USB 2.


Is is possible to connects to Internet inside a VirtualBox virtual machine with Windows XP image and with that device filtered for it? SKIP You can try to upload the file to https: It is one of that Chinese so cheap generic devices; Manufacturer site on Internet does not exist; It has more than one name, but someone posted a common name on Internet: I can confirm your.

When I try to detect drivers for it, Windows detects as an unknown Network Adapter.

Download Drivers

It cannot find it automatically as well. But I would rather recommend to use a supported network adapter or at least use a tiny linux system like IPCop in VirtualBox instead of abusing Windows XP for your needs.

The device has become unresponsive recently, and I’m sure it happened after I accidentally unplugged it just after exiting Spore Galactic Adventures Gamewhich widnows screen dumped me [without time to read the information of the dump – was about a 1. Can I PayPal you a few dollars for your efforts??

Ky-Rs Windows 8 Driver – Download Drivers

At least Davicom itself does not offer x64 drivers while they have x86 drivers: There is not 64bit available for this adaptor. Jose Antonio- all links aren’t working now. Hi Rene, first this is a USB 1. Thanks for your generosity.


Dizzy’s Blog: KY-RS

Comment whatever you like, but comment moderation is turned on. Seems that this adaptor uses a chip that is not compatible with 64 bits versions. To Jose Antonio Many thanks for all your support on this topic.

The time now is Only the RJ45 input from my computer broke one of its contacts there are now 7 contacts instead of 8.

Virus Problem, Please Help.

Bram 3 Can somebody give me a link to the oficial site of the producer? Big Thanks to you Jose Antonio.! The light on the device hasn’t been flashing red Which shows it’s actively travelling data.

Sorry but there is not win 7 64 bit drivers wineows this adaptor