Of course we would welcome such a release but it isn’t essential. Discovering PCR plug connections I didn’t see any logs in syslog for ALSA. PCR Unknown Input Glad to read that they answered to you, last time i send an email they didn’t answer: It turned out that I had my Mackies plugged into a Firewire bus my system was not seeing.

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Oleg — Which file system where you trying to record onto under linux.

No PCR sync output plug found My goal is to get the hardware running in Ardour3 with both a firewire interface and MIDI controls working. No PCR sync input plug found I’d love to help add support for this device, but I just can’t find much development support on the site.

DrG Fatgerman Not because we don’t know, but because there are several depending on the chipset and firmware used in the device.

Danny, sorry for late answer – my filesystem was the default one for Ubuntu then which was ext3 I believe. I think if I had mabe channels ardour would record without problem, but I am not sure.


Is there some other recommendation for Ardour? How would I go about asking for device spec’s? No sync output plug for MSU subunit found I don’t know if that’s a problem.

I also manually adjusted some of the faders on the ProjectMix. Jack and ardour are working and recognizing the firewire card, given You started Jack first and configured it to use freebob.

Onyx Driver Compatibility

Latexted Latexted Post by M Murdock I followed your request for logging ffado-dbus-server output. This is an important feature for me as half of the hardware functionality is as a control surface. JACK server starting in realtime mode with priority 70 It is important to first start jack in this mode, than launch ardour. Generally, everyone can You share here which is the maximum channel count You were able to record with Ardour given the hardware restrictions, of cource.

Linux vrc4 – sound/firewire

Hi, Glad to read that they answered to you, last time i send an email they didn’t answer: PCR Unknown Output I love this device and it’s a pity that it’s still not supported in my ubuntu hardy heron. The plug name is a null string. Close settings window, applying settings, and start jack. Propagating info to External plugs No stream onjx registered, can’t do anything useful What did you do to configure your Onyx?


It is important to note that we do NOT require any source code releases from vendors such as Mackie. Dumping IsoHandlerManager Stream handler information Now on to see about using Ardour. The best thing you can do is to express your desire for support towards Mackie. Receive plug has no mackle For instance, how should I start jackd I use qjackctl.