That said, there are plenty of last-generation rigs that just might get price cuts as they make way for new models. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. From around the web. Submit a new link. As much as we like the GT70, a lighter-weight rig rocking the same specs is definitely worth considering. Prior to posting any help related concerns, please be sure that you have an open ticket, through SteelSeries Support , with our customer support team. Keyboard and trackpad The touchpad avoids many of the pitfalls common to other portable rigs.

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We’ve got one right here: All around, text input and cursor manipulation on the GT70 is refreshing, though the discerning gamer will still want a dedicated mouse for racking up headshots.

SteelSeries x MSI

Log in or sign up in seconds. Everything old is new again: Our only caveat is that it’s the first Ivy Bridge gaming laptop out of the gate, and with inevitable price drops and keyblard competition, it may be worth waiting for the slow and steady to catch up.

Take a look at that control bar one more time — you won’t be opening this drive bay by mistake. Rule 3 – Absolutely zero tolerance for foul or aggressive language. It didn’t even seem to mind when we intentionally overloaded twenty of those tabs with streaming video.


Loud and clear is the classic, apt description for the capable 2.

SteelSeries X MSI | SteelSeries

The simple black keys are accented by a programmable multicolored LED backlight, which bleeds out from behind each keycap, dimly keyboaard the translucent lettering on each of the keys.

Display and sound If any one piece of the GT70’s build falls short of the rest, it would have to be the screen. Skyrim and Battlefield 3 snagged us average frame rates of 38 and 25 at the screens native x resolution, respectively. All Support related threads must have a customer support ticket either currently open or recently resolved.

Well, it certainly didn’t seem to mind the unscientific absurdity of the Engadget workflow: Game audio and music flow richly from the stereo drivers and the orphaned subwoofer on the machine’s underbelly, showcasing a clear left-right differential.

Of course, a good chunk of this listening experience is dependent on the onboard THX TruStudio PRO software, although it stee,series be nixed for a solid tin can impression. With the overclock engaged, PCMark rated the GT70 at 14,; 3DMark06 pegged it at 19, jumping its scores by on both accounts — give or take 20 points.

It’s a fact of life: Posts that do not fit into flair categories will promptly be removed at moderator discretion. That said, there are plenty of last-generation rigs that just might get price cuts as they make way for new models.

Your post will be removed immediately. While steelsreies GT70 wraps itself around the latest technologies, its build impressed us most.


We hope you enjoy your stay and find this sub to be a friendly and helpful community. Realtek’s HD Audio Manager is on board to help you steelesries your surround sound digs. If your post manages to slip by the auto flair feature, please take a second and do so on your own.

MSI’s latest rig boldly models the gargantuan proportions we’ve come to expect from high-end desktop replacements, weighing in at 8. For all its bells and whistles, however, the GT70 is a rather unassuming beast, with a simple black interior that matches steelseroes outside.

Rule 2 – The mods of this sub are all SteelSeries representatives. Crowning the notebook is a dark brushed aluminum lid, framed by a matte steelseriew band. This choice constitutes a model change. Dell XPS M15z 2.

Winning is Everything

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If you haggle yourself down to the GT70’s lower-end configurations, you’ll be left with an interesting choice: A pair of standard USB steelseres share the machine’s right edge with a buttonless, tray-loading optical drive.

We’d say its mostly harmless or even useful, if you’re not a fan of hotkeys.